Dr. Oz – Apple Juice Is Safe, Says FDA

Response to Dr. Oz – Apple Juice Is Safe, Says FDA

If you are looking for a drink that’s is fantastic at flushing out the kidneys and sorting out digestive disturbances look no further than apple juice. Natural apple juice is found to purify the blood, help the liver, and is a great cleanser for the skin.

If you don’t like the taste of apple a good alternative to apples is cider vinegar, just two teaspoons of cider vinegar in water, stir it up or use your best blender and it will give you many of the same health benefits. Quite frankly though, who doesn’t like the taste of fresh apple juice? In fact, I recommend mixing it with juices like carrot juice to make it even tastier!

However, I am sure you have heard about the potential risk that commercial apple juices might pose to your health due to trace levels of arsenic found in some store brands. The positive side about the Dr. Oz’s investigation is the raised awareness that change is necessary – if we stop drinking commercial apple juice, our body will eventually process the chemicals out of our system.

But the presence of arsenic content in apple juices is not all doom and gloom. In fact, in response to the attention that came about as a result of the show, the FDA found “that total arsenic levels in apple juice are typically low”, although the agency is seriously considering setting new guidelines relevant to the evaluation and determination of arsenic found in imported juices. You can read more details about that here.

You should realize that the majority of U.S. apple juice is imported from China, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and other countries. Most of the apple juice comes from China, where there are little to no restrictions with regards to pesticides that can be used.

Keep in mind, raw apples do not produce arsenic. Apples contain a lot of phosphorus and potassium and a little bit of sodium. In the early years of nutritional research, apples were though to be rich in vitamin c, studies after the 1930’s have shown this too be wrong, apple vitamin c content is very low.

There are many different types of apples and some contain more vitamin c than others, research as shown that these types of apples to be higher in vitamin c. The golden noble, ribston pippin, bramleys, blenheim ornage, beauty of bath, jonathans and cox’s apples. Apples lower in vitamin c are the worcester pearmain and the golden delicious.

If you want more vitamin c in your diet there are better alternatives to apple juice, lemons and oranges are especially high in vitamin c, but apples have the added benefit to these fruits by being rich in minerals.

Instead of going for store bought apple juice, buy organic apples and make your own juice. If you can’t afford organic apples, make sure to at least wash and peel them first. When making the apple juice always make sure to store it in the fridge straight because it oxidizes very quickly. Apples are rich in many different vitamins, such as carotene, nicotinic, riboflavin, folic acid, thiamine and vitamin c.