Gun Laws Help Women With Domestic Violence Threats

Gun Laws Help Women With Domestic Violence Threats

A study has found out that gun laws favor women suffering from domestic violent threats. Each year, more than 1800 people are killed by their cherished partners (either current or past). 50% of those killings occur with a gun and 85% victims are women.

Surely, a gun is just like a tool. It can either help fight crime and aid in self-defense, but if in the wrong hands, it could be used to help a serial killer. Humans are emotional creatures. If they find out that their lovers were doing something which they did not want them to do, due to multiple reasons of pain, betrayal, dominance… Without logically thinking that they will never going to see their love again, for the rest of their life, they will pull the trigger.

Europe Vs America

An interesting study also tells that gun ownership is directly proportional to rate of crime. In Europe, very less amount of countries has permission of owning guns inside their homes and holistically speaking, the crime rate of Europe is much less than America.

In America, progress is yet to be made on level of gun control. With access of guns to nearly every house, every person can potentially take law into their own hands and that is one way why crimes inside the society increases. We suggest, well… Many people suggest that you that you read up on a few gun safe reviews and get yourself a gun safe with some sort of combination clock.

Steps Taken by The Government

In 1994, the government passed VAWA (Violence Against Women Act). According to act, people cannot own a gun who have permanent restraining orders. Another law passed in 1968 banned gun ownership with IPV related cases, was extended to include misdemeanors in its amendment of 1996.

Theoretically speaking, these laws are ideal for a society. There is always danger of a convict reaching a breaking point and they can do potential harm to society so it’s good if their hands are of the guns.

Legal Loophole

The above mentioned laws have a legal loophole. According to law, a person in future, cannot have access to gun ownership but that doesn’t mean they get to surrender their previous weapons.

Two Cents of Police

According to statement of David Ryan, the police chief from Pound Ridge, NY, it is clear that there are loopholes inside the federal system. Ideally speaking, no system is 100% perfect. However, the police insist on surrender of all weapons.


Those states in which the above mentioned law demanding offenders to give up the gun ownership were implemented; the gun ownership rate fell by 14%. This lead to a healthy decrease of 9.7%, in the cases of intimate partner homicides. The law was there all the time – what mattered was its effective implementation due to which favorable outcomes started appearing inside the bubble of society.

This proves that law and order has a significant impact. The offenders did not have a gun so they couldn’t resort to methods of killing.

In future, more type of these studies should be emphasized upon, which can help in effective implementation of law inside the society.