Evidence Collection Info

Evidence Collection Info

Vacuum sealers offer a great deal help in collection of evidence or storage of evidence, they can seal the evidence bags firmly so that chances of evidence getting lost are minimal to null.


Evidence bags are of great importance to police, detectives and others in need of it particularly those involved with law enforcement. The evidence remains intact, secure and there are no chances of it getting multiple prints or some sort of error in the collected proof. However, these bags if not sealed have maximum chances of getting destroyed or compromised. For this purpose, we have vacuum sealers which can help in making sure the bags remain helpful till the time they are needed.

Importance of Vacuum Sealers for Evidence Collection

  • The first and most significant feature of vacuum sealers for evidence collection is that with the help of sealers, the evidence has no chance of getting lost or compromised.
  • The seal provided by vacuum sealers clearly indicate its association with the law so if it is compromised then the culprit behind it is breaking several rules and can face prison as well.
  • Evidence contains essentials like finger prints, DNA samples etc. for a specific case. If it is exposed to air or touched, then the real prints get lost easily. That is why the use of gloves is extremely important when handling it also, for this purpose we use sealers to seal the bag so that evidence can be stored safely. If you’re looking for a vacuum sealer for a crime scene, I suggest you take a look at vacuum sealer reviews before you pick one one to make sure it preforms as is it’s expected.
  • The seal created by a sealer is very firm and can only be opened with a specific tool, some sealers also come with a warranty hence the chances of evidence getting lost after sealing it is none unless and until somebody slashes it or steals it.

Working of a Vacuum Sealer

A foodsaver vacuum sealer first sucks all the air from the bag leaving nothing but vacuum. Then heats it up to further ensure the removal of air also this specific function helps in making sure the air never enters the bag again. Then seals the bags with a tight seal which doesn’t open unless force is applied thoroughly.

History of Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum sealers are not something new, they have been in use for quite some time in fact the usage of these came in the days of Second World War only then it was used for the sealing of food. Slowly and gradually it became famous till it reached the industries and then finally the law enforcement. The possible modifications in the sealers are:

Modern Sealers Are Digitally Oriented

  • Modern sealers contain thermo-forming technology.
  • Modern sealers are efficient.
  • Modern sealers can seal a variety of things in a few minutes.
  • They also contain the facility of gas filling.
  • Modern sealers can be operated by anyone. You don’t need experts for it.
  • Sealers used at homes are different than those used in industries and other agencies. The industries one is usually a bit complicated but the rest are fine.

Final Verdict

Hence to sum up the entire ordeal, all I have to say that vacuum sealers do a great job in storage of evidence. All around the world they are famous for the sealing of evidence bags and other packages without worrying about it getting compromised or contaminated with foreign particles. And nowadays they come with their own warranty labels too. So you can feel convenient in using it.