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Going through a divorce is sometimes one of the hardest things people can do. Not only are you breaking away from your family, but you’re left with tons of questions…

Having a good lawyer for the family takes out effort from the equation. Without one, you would have to go through details of every case, learn what the law says and find out legalities to follow. With a family lawyer, you simply give details to him, entrust the entire case and from then onwards it becomes his duty to handle all case related activities, following up with regular updates.

If you have had a short but problem free marriage and are separating on amicable terms then you do not need a lawyer. When the total assets or property in dispute is limited or when there are no children involved, its absolutely unnecessary to hire a lawyer. Furthermore, if you and your spouse can sit down and calmly go over property distribution, child care and other matters then there is no requirement for a divorce attorney representation.

Its all great knowing your right to represent yourself but if you have no clue about the procedures a court requires to complete a divorce then you better get educated on them or else its going to be mighty difficult. There are pleadings to be filed, hearings that need approval, affidavits and financial papers that have to be handed over, orders to be prepared. Neither the bailiff nor the judge is going to hold hands of either party in a divorce hearing should they choose to have no representative. That is why whenever someone chooses to represent themselves, judges remind them that they are expected to understand how things function and failing to do so may work against their favor. On the brighter side of things there are plenty of resources to guide you on how to face a divorce hearing all on your own.

Divorce Attorneys have a saying in their circles that no one wins in a divorce argument, it’s just a mutual consolation and division of loss. What this means that divorce is about compromising not winning outright. If you can compromise then your spouse may be willing to do the same. Moreover, in amicable divorce cases, compromise is a sure way to cut long term costs and still maintain a healthy relationship which in the case of children is great as they do not lose out on their parent’s company. Basically fighting over petty issues is not going to give either side peace of mind. So, ask yourself and ask your spouse whether a compromise is possible.

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